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ABC Developing 'Derrick Storm' Series Based on Richard Castle Novels




Was just going to post this. I’d watch…

but what does this mean for Castle? 

Nothing either way, I don’t think. They were already going to work on other projects for ABC. It just turns out this one is Castle related.

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I'm moving in a month and I have- well had- a friend but we let our differences get in the way. anyway, I don't feel right by leaving without working it out and I know she doesn't want to hear my side. I'm thinking of writing her a letter or a few. Any suggestions as to what I should put in them?

Dear Nony, 

I am sorry to read that this has happened, but I am proud of you for realizing that change though hard, may be the best answer right now. 

Change is inevitable, and sometimes this change may mean growing apart from things and people that you were once close to. As we mature, our life experiences define who we are and what we think. This can come between people faster than you could have ever imagined possible. It is hard to see something from someone else’s perspective, especially if it is one that you don’t agree with. 

I am not sure that “working it out” is in the cards for you. But I can tell you that over time, if you are still seeking to resolve this, you someday may come to the ever lovely, “agree to disagree”. And that is ok. Having differences of opinion and loving that person anyway is what some of the strongest relationships are made of. 

The fact that you are still trying to put a happy ending on what I am sure has been a tough experience for you, tells me two (but really a plethora) things. You’re strong. You are strong enough to admit that something meant something to you. You care. You care enough to still want your friend to be happy. 

Friendship is an amazing, albeit strange gift. And to feel sad that this is ending in a not so fantastic way is understandable. 

My suggestions for your letter(s):

Don’t apologize for your thoughts and feelings. 

Unless you actually believe that you were in the wrong. Don’t invalidate yourself to make someone else feel better. In the end you’ll both regret it.

Don’t be afraid to bring up the good times. 

Those good times will be able to sustain you until the bad things don’t seem so bad. 

Do apologize for less than acceptable behavior.

It takes two to fight. And it takes a grown up to sincerely apologize for it. Your roommate still might not “like” you in the moment. But you can still earn their respect.  

Don’t be afraid to be sad. 

Something that meant a lot (to both of you) is ending, and what you had deserves the respect of honoring what it was. 

Do respect your roommate’s opinion.

Respecting doesn’t mean agreeing. Don’t use this as a tool to continue to champion for “your side”. The argument is over. You are now coping with the results. 

Do respect the process

This life experience - though one you both would choose to skip, has made you more of who you are. You’ve made choices, defended them, and now are seeing their consequences. Without this friendship and subsequent falling out, neither of you would be the same that you are today. It is part of the bigger picture, embrace it. Flaws make the picture authentic. Life without flaws is an unrealistic goal, and makes for a much duller picture. 

You’ll be ok. It might not seem like it now, but inevitably time will give you perspective, and from perspective will come closure. 

Hugs dear nony, 



"I was momentarily distracted by your dizzying array of hairstyles over the years." 

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