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3x09 - Stanathan butt appreciation post.

I was making a gifset of this scene when I saw this in a layer. It deserved to be posted separately.

Nathan and Stana butt appreciation pic. Cause Nathan’s ass looks gooood


From cuffed to always…

Castle & Beckett

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the p r a n k s t e r  and the  r e b e l

Loved this mirroring.

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— Found the location @HistoryInPics with @Jon_Huertas

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New Castle promo for S7

He gives great theory, huh? Bet that’s not the only thing he gives that’s great.

Well if there is anything I can do…

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“Men are most definitely intimidated by women who prove to be as good and as strong as they are, both mentally and physically. Come to think of it, how amazing is it to date a beautiful and intelligent woman?” - Katic, S

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