I'm Only Human

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Stana Katic alphabet


“It’s awesome! (…)We had playmates all the time, and we were right there, under the same roof (…) I mean, you have your regular spats as little kids but, uhm, I’m very protective of them and I think that they are of me as well and I really really love them and I really am willing to do everything to make their futures as big and as bright as possible.”

(Stana Katic talking about how it has been to grow up in a big family, and about her brothers)

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I keep thinking that they must have meant something much more appropriate that what I’m actually thinking here.

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I’m not saying that Subway was my restaurant of my choice because they have taylorswift dishware…. but I am not, not saying it either…..

kate beckett in 7x04

kate beckett in 7x04

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